Many projects begin with a conversation. Tim talks with clients to determine what is desired and if it falls within his scope of work and the physical space limitations of his shop. You’ll discuss where and how the item will be used, as well as other circumstances that could impact the project’s form and function. Is there an existing theme to be followed, for example? Is the piece going to live indoors or out? And of course, what is the timeframe for completion?

Once preliminary questions are covered, Tim moves into “creative time.” This is when he develops an initial design concept, provides a fee estimate and outlines a schedule for completion. Projects typically require four to sixteen weeks of design and production time, depending on complexity of the project and existing commissions already on the schedule. Once the scope of the project has a green light, Tim will begin working on your project. 

Fees include cost of materials, production, finishing and delivery. If installation is required, additional fees will apply. One-half of the fee is required to begin work, and the remainder is due upon completion. Fees are based on complexity of the design and production process, and typically range from $300 to $5,000 and up. If the project is stopped by the client, the client is responsible only for time consumed and cost of materials. 

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