Tim Gabriel grew up in Baker City, Oregon,
where he first discovered his appreciation for all things old.

He began forging and welding in high school, and continued his craft into community college. During his service in the U.S. Navy, Tim was a ship fitter and worked on an anvil in the Navy shop. Later, while Tim was working as a millwright he became fast friends with an old-timer who shared his love for metal work. 

This gentle man bestowed his many years of knowledge upon Tim, and he continued to hone his metalsmithing craft during his free time. After working professionally in a variety of highly skilled metal fabrication and high tech drafting positions, Tim now calls his metalsmithing his occupation. He is committed to his craft and continues to expand his capabilities and talents through organizational memberships, conferences and workshops. 

Tim finds the self-sustaining aspect of working with metals appealing — that he can make something from nothing by using the most basic elements of metal and fire. He makes many of his own tools; designed and built his workshop, included an innovative venting system and even constructed his own forge. A visit to his studio is welcomed.